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Discover a World of Educational Fun: Browse our diverse range of puzzle categories, thoughtfully designed to cater to different subjects, grade levels, and puzzle types. Dive into our captivating collection and find the perfect puzzles to challenge and engage your students while supporting their learning journey.


Main subject areas include English, Business Studies, History, Economics and Law. Puzzles are specifically tailored to each subject, ensuring that students can apply their knowledge and develop critical thinking skills in a fun and interactive way.

Puzzle Types

We feature a wide variety of puzzle types, including Word Searches, Crosswords, and Logic Puzzles. These engaging formats keep students excited about learning and help them develop problem-solving skills that will serve them well throughout their academic careers.

Grade Levels

Our puzzles are designed to challenge students at every stage of their educational journey. With resources for Elementary, Middle School, and High School students, we help educators create a stimulating and age-appropriate learning environment.

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Welcome to Classroom Puzzlers:

Your Destination for Educational Puzzles


Empowering Teachers and Students with Fun, Engaging Puzzles

At Classroom Puzzlers, we believe that learning should be an exciting and enjoyable experience. That's why we've created a diverse collection of educational puzzles to complement traditional teaching methods and spark students' curiosity. Our puzzles cater to various subjects, grade levels, and learning styles, making it easy for teachers to find the perfect resources for their classrooms.

Mission Statement 

To bring classrooms alive and excite students about learning.

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  • Is there a FREE PUZZLER Sampler package that gives me an idea what they look like?
    Yes. Check our website for that free download in pdf format. There are 10 samples there showing different formats we use; and each subject area is different to give you a better idea about our unique PUZZLERS.
  • I see that the PUZZLERS are called Volume 1. Are there more PUZZLERS coming?
    Yes. Other Volumes are currently written or being written so you can expect Volume 2, Volume 3, and so on over time.
  • Why are there only 10 subject areas in your Educational Resource Packages?
    The authors, Ron and Elaine, taught high school in two main subject areas, Business Studies and English, and so the PUZZLERS draw on their 30-year classroom experiences.
  • Are there any age-specific PUZZLERS?
    While PUZZLERS are designed primarily for high school students, they can be adapted for various age groups. Teachers should review the puzzles and choose those that are most appropriate for their students' age, interests, and abilities.
  • Are there any crossword puzzles included in the package?
    Yes and No. Yes, in the form of PUZZLERS called Criss Cross, a variation of crossword puzzles. No in the sense that Classroom PUZZLERS wanted to offer teachers PUZZLERS that (a) took a bit less time to complete, (b) were more fun to solve and (c) were a unique challenge for students.
  • How many different formats are there?
    We have not counted lately because we keep coming up with new ideas. We think there are over 50 different types of PUZZLERS in our collection for teachers to select from.
  • Are there PUZZLERS designed for students who excel in specific subject areas?
    Our PUZZLERS collection covers a variety of subject areas, and we continuously work to expand our offerings. Some PUZZLERS may cater to students who excel in specific subjects, while others are designed to be accessible to a broader range of students. We encourage teachers to explore our collection and select PUZZLERS that best meet the needs and interests of their students, whether they excel in a particular subject or not.
  • How hard are the PUZZLERS?
    Puzzlers vary in degree of difficulty from relatively easy to challenging. Teachers will need to look over the PUZZLERS and assess which ones are best to use, or how to use them all to encourage students to learn in a fun way.
  • How do I choose the appropriate difficulty level for my students?
    To choose the appropriate difficulty level, consider your students' prior knowledge, abilities, and learning preferences. Start with puzzles that are relatively easy and gradually increase the difficulty as students become more comfortable and confident with the PUZZLERS. Be prepared to offer support and guidance as needed, and be flexible in adjusting the difficulty level based on student performance and feedback.
  • Are there any age-specific PUZZLERS?
    While PUZZLERS are designed primarily for high school students, they can be adapted for various age groups. Teachers should review the puzzles and choose those that are most appropriate for their students' age, interests, and abilities.
  • Do PUZZLERS cover all learning styles?
    PUZZLERS incorporate a variety of formats and difficulty levels, catering to different learning styles and preferences. While we cannot guarantee that every puzzle will suit every learning style, we strive to offer a diverse collection that can engage and challenge a wide range of students.
  • What is the best way to use PUZZLERS?
    On our website, you will see a free download article called How to Use PUZZLERS. In addition, check out our blogs for more tips on using PUZZLERS, and look for our monthly PUZZLER newsletter for tips on making your own puzzles.
  • Can I use PUZZLERS for assessment purposes?
    PUZZLERS can be used as informal assessment tools to gauge student understanding, problem-solving skills, and engagement with the subject matter. However, they are not intended to replace traditional assessment methods. Instead, use PUZZLERS to supplement your assessments and provide valuable insights into your students' learning progress.
  • How can I introduce PUZZLERS to my students to maximize engagement?
    To maximize engagement, introduce PUZZLERS as a fun, challenging, and rewarding activity that complements regular classroom instruction. Explain the objectives and benefits of PUZZLERS, and encourage students to approach the puzzles with a positive attitude. Offer support and guidance as needed, and create an environment where students feel comfortable discussing their strategies, successes, and challenges.
  • Are PUZZLERS suitable for group work or individual assignments?
    PUZZLERS can be used for both group work and individual assignments, depending on your classroom goals and objectives. For group work, students can collaborate to solve puzzles, promoting teamwork and communication skills. As individual assignments, PUZZLERS can offer students the opportunity to work independently and build their problem-solving abilities.
  • Is it OK to use PUZZLERS in my classroom?
    Yes. Puzzlers are meant to support the regular curriculum in a fun and challenging way; but they are not meant to replace good teaching practices, just enhance them. Read our free download article “Why PUZZLERS Work” for more helpful information.
  • Have these PUZZLERS been used in classrooms?
    Some of these have been used with students in the classroom but not all. The concept was used to offer teachers a wide variety of puzzle formats that they could choose from.

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At Classroom Puzzlers, we value your feedback, questions, and suggestions. If you need assistance, have an idea for a new PUZZLER, or would like to share your experience using our puzzles in the classroom, please don't hesitate to reach out. Our dedicated team is here to help and support you in creating engaging and fun learning experiences for your students.

Simply fill out the contact form on our website, and we will respond as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you and working together to enhance education through the power of play and problem-solving.

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